A Ferguson, Missouri police officer who fatally shot an 18-year-old unarmed black teen last month has testified in front of a grand jury.

Officer Darren Wilson gave his account of what happened on Aug.9 for what would be the fourth time. Michael Brown died after an altercation with Wilson while walking home. 

From KTVI 2:

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported that officer Wilson talked to grand jurors for four hours.

He did that without an attorney, as is required under the grand jury rules.  StLToday reporter Robert Patrick learned of Wilson`s Court testimony Tuesday.  He said, ‘Other than that we know he`s talked to St. Louis County Police investigators twice, Federal investigators once and the person who told us about this told us that he has been `cooperative.`’

We don’t yet know what Wilson said.  St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said he will ask a Judge to release all of the grand jury evidence, which would include Officer Wilson’s testimony, if there is no indictment.

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The 12 member Grand Jury was given until next year to decide whether or not Wilson will face charges in Brown’s death, but is reportedly picking up the pace since its term ended last week.

They will now be meeting more frequently than the weekly schedule they maintained in the beginning stages of the investigation.

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