A New Mexico police officer who shot at a minivan full of children during a routine traffic stop has been fired. Offiver Elias Montoya fired three shots at 39-year-old Oriana Ferrell’s van after she attempted to evade police.

Ferrell was pulled over by another officer for speeding on October 28 while visiting relatives in New Mexico.

From USA Today:

Gov. Susana Martinez says she supports a decision by New Mexico State Police to fire an officer who shot at a minivan full of children during a chaotic October traffic stop.

Martinez said Monday the actions of Officer Elias Montoya were unacceptable and he should not have used deadly force. No one was hurt in the shooting.

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Montoya was relieved of his duties on Friday following an internal investigation and a disciplinary hearing. He plans to appeal.┬áVideo captured for a police cruiser shows Montoya shooting at the minivan as Ferrell fled the scene after another officer bashed out the van’s back window.

Ferrell maintains that she simply feared for her children’s safety, and felt that she did the correct thing by fleeing.

Should Officer Elias Montoya have been fired?

Was Ferrell right or wrong in fleeing the scene? Should she be sentenced?

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