The University of Texas at Austin’s campus is buzzing after a group of conservative students held a bake sale.

UT’s chapter of Young Conservatives sold more than baked goods. They delivered their clear-cut stance on affirmative action at the school.

The group posted signs with their prices for the baked goods; each charging customers based on their race.From KENS 5:

The member said the pricing differences were to show the amount of bias that is used toward “underrepresented minority groups” in the college admission process. He gave an example, stating that Native Americans were more likely to be given an unfair advantage for college admissions than those of Asian descent.

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A member of the chapter said the goal was to spark discussion about why the university includes race in its admissions policy. 

While some people understood the message, others accused the group of racism.

Thoughts on the bake sale? Racist or not racist?

Should affirmative action be maintained in university admissions policies?

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