As NewsOne reports, Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell raised eyebrows recently, announcing that he will make it easier for non-violent offenders to have their voting rights reinstated.

What’s more, he did even after a panel ruled that the Constitution does not allow for McDonnell to do so.


Call this a case of a politician doing right, which unfortunately is becoming out of character and unexpected these days.

McDonnell didn’t have any compelling reason to take this stand other than a sense of doing what’s right, even though his party is staunchly against the notion of easing the way for ex-felons to get back their right to vote.

“It really is a personal thing. I believe in an America of second chances,” McDonnell said yesterday in announcing the new policy.

Non-violent offenders will now automatically have their cases reviewed, as long as they’ve served their sentences and stayed out of trouble.

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