More evidence that Vh1 is the blazing hip-hop and R&B of reality shows: the new series, R&B Divas.

The show will star R&B “divas” who made their name in the ‘90s–Keke Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johson, Monifah, and Faith Evans, the most notable of the group.

Instead of a show about women connected to quasi-celebrities, however, this show has a seemingly altruistic premise:

The series offers a personal glimpse into their private worlds as they lean on each other and offer candid revelations about their efforts to deal with major life transitions and challenges such as divorce, parenting issues, drugs, alcohol, physical abuse and more.

These friends come together, at the instigation of Faith Evans, to produce a charity album inspired by her friend, Whitney Houston. In honor of the late singer, proceeds from the album will benefit the Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, an institution that Houston attended, located in her hometown of East Orange, NJ. At the same time, they are all juggling myriad personal challenges and responsibilities in addition to making music – including raising families. Faith prepares for a major move as she maintains her businesses and helps manage the estate of a music icon. Monifah reveals a bombshell that could drive a wedge between them. Keke is pregnant and the women are convinced that she can’t go anywhere without her husband/manager. Nicci is launching a new plus-sized clothing line called Curvato, while Syleena makes a career decision that will affect her entire family and put additional strain on her financially.

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Will R&B Divas be classier than its predecessors, or will its stars be shown like practically every other black woman reality show castmate who came before them: a backstabbing bully with a bad attitude?


Will you watch?

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