Out of 6,000 applicants, U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Victor J. Glover  has been selected as one of NASA’s 2013 astronaut candidates.

He is the only African American selected for  the rigorous trainee program.

From Clutch:

The astronaut trainee program will prepare the candidates for possible missions to low-Earth orbit, an asteroid and Mars by sending them through two years of rigoroustechnical training at space centers around the globe.

In addition to being one of NASA’s perspective astronauts and a F/A-18 pilot, Lt. Commander Glover and his wife Dionna have four daughters–Genesis, 10, Maya, 8, Joia, 6, and Corinne, 5. He is also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

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A phenomenal achievement; and one that will hopefully inspire our youth to reach for the stars.

Good luck, Victor!