Sandra Amezquita, 44, says she was violently pushed to the ground by police in Sunset Park while trying to intervene during his son's arrest and alleged beating by 72nd Precinct cops.


The New York Police Department’s Internal Affairs unit is investigating claims that an officer tackled and slammed a five-month pregnant woman in Brooklyn.

A video recording shows Sandra Amezquita, who is 5-foot-4, being grabbed by the arm and thrown to the ground with a cop on her back in the early morning hours in Sunset Park. 

From New York Daily News:

The baby’s father, Ronel Lemos, said he watched in horror as his wife hit the ground belly-first.

“The first thing I thought was they killed my baby and they’re going to kill my wife,” Lemos, 50, told the Daily News on Tuesday.

Moments later, another unidentified woman was violently flung to the ground on Fifth Ave. and 41st St.

“You would think the police would respect a woman that is pregnant,” Amezquita, 43, said through an interpreter in an exclusive interview with The News.

“I was afraid something happened to my baby. I am still afraid that something is wrong,” she said, referring to the abdominal pain that persists.

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Watch the disturbing incident:

As a result of the altercation, Amezquita suffered vaginal bleeding and bruises on her stomach and arms.

She was given a summons for disorderly conduct. Her husband was arrested for assaulting an officer.

The officer is the second cop from the 72nd Precinct in a week to be investigated for misconduct after getting caught on tape.


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