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BYP100 member and national co-chair Jessica Pierce recently appeared on PBS with a couple of other young activists.

Pierce, who has been involved in activism since her days at University of California at Santa Cruz, talked the importance of youth-led protests, and why she insist of being part of them.

From PBS:

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After graduating, Jessica served as the Organizing Director for the United States Student Association where she led efforts to pass the College Cost Reduction and Access Act- the largest increase to grant aid since the passing of the G.I. bill in 1944. As the Communications and Network Associate Director at Young People For (YP4) she established the first alumni program and developed the communications infrastructure and brand of the organization.

 After working with YP4 Jessica moved on to work with the Generational Alliance as the Organizing and Outreach Manager where she supported the organizing and communications efforts of the member organizations. Recently, Jessica transitioned from the NAACP where she served as the National Training Director and helped orchestrate their electoral campaign which registered, educated and turned-out over 1 million African American people across the country.

Kudos to Jessica for being an agent of change.

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