When C-SPAN’s Washington Journal invited its viewers to weigh in on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, several callers dialed in to advocate for “white pride.”

They even suggested that black people owe them, well all white people, for ignoring discrimination against the Irish and Italians. 

From Mediate: 

Caller “Thomas” from Maryland explained to a straight-faced host Steve Scully that he is “much less liberal” now than he was during the 1964 passage of civil rights legislation.

In the clip, originally flagged by TPM, the caller continued:

I think the blacks have brought on most of their present-day problems themselves. They insult white people. I’ve heard it right here on your own show, some black called Karl Rove a “white boy.” And I don’t think that’s right. They’re attacking white people in the big cities and we’re supposed to put up with that kind of stuff, and like them, and say, “Well, come on into our neighborhood.” And how about the discussion of the black crime that goes on in this country? You people never will discuss that. And you won’t discuss discrimination against, uh, how about the Irish, they were discriminated against. So were the Mormons, the Italians.

Asked whether he’s felt any discrimination himself, Thomas told Scully: “Yes, because I am of Irish descent I have felt it.”

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Listen to the clip:

Most of the callers echoed similar feelings as Thomas.


When focusing our efforts on race equality, what’s more important? To try to get through to people who hold this logic, or to work with those that understand and acknowledge the impact of racism?

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