Chicago-based MC Mick Jenkins has joined forces with Hurt Everybody’s Supa BWE on a track that not only addresses issues of race and privilege in the country, but leaves a lingering effect on the mind. 

From Huffington Post:

Shot in Chicago, [“Treat me (Caucasian)”] captures both Jenkins and Supa through the use of a split screen as they experience markedly contrasting interactions within their environments. Included in the video are recent images of police brutality, and coupled with lyrics such as, “All in your hood with my hoodie on/Skittles and tea/I’m like fourteen/treat me Caucasian,” the video conveys the uncomfortable, moving, and challenging nature of the track.

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Check out the song and video:

Jenkins uses lyricism to paint the multiple dimensions of his outlook of the world around him.

Kudos to Mick Jenkins for calling attention and raising awareness to the issues that plague our community.

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