A video currently making its rounds on the internet suggests that Mitt Romney may have used a cheat sheet during Wednesday night’s Presidential debate.

The slow-motion video shows Mitt Romney approach his podium and, out of the view of the audience, quickly pull a white piece of paper out of his pocket and place it in front of him.

Check out the video below:


Obviously this does not change President Obama’s decidedly lackluster performance. But it certainly raises some questions.

The rules of Presidential debates have always stipulated that no one bring in outside notes or materials.

So what did Romney pull out of his pocket?

From CBS Boston:

“For those curious if it could have been some else, later video sheds some light on what Romney retrieves from his lectern.

After the Romney and Obama families chat post-debate the President walks off stage, leaving his notes behind for an aide, no doubt.

But not so for Romney. The Presidential challenger goes back to his lectern to retrieve his items. It is clear that the only thing that Romney takes is paper. Not a handkerchief. Not a white flag. Nothing but paper.

So the next question is: what is Mitt Romney’s explanation for the apparent cheating?”

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The Romney campaign has responded to the controversy, asserting that the item in question was a handkerchief, not a cheat sheet

From the Huffington Post:

“So, did Romney push the debate rules by bringing debate instructions on stage with him?

No, his campaign said. Spokeswoman Andrea Saul said the thing Romney pulled out of his pocket was actually a handkerchief.

A separate video has confirmed for many that the item indeed was a handkerchief. Romney is seen wiping his face with it during the closing statements of the debate.”



Mystery solved?

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