Honey Maid graham cracker company has responded to a backlash over last month’s “This is Wholesome” ad campaign by releasing a video.

In the ads, non-traditional families such as two fathers, a single dad, a punk rock family and an interracial family can be seen enjoying the treat while living life. 

Watch the response:


Honey Maid’s social networks are encouraging fans to submit photos of the family to show what “wholesome” means to them. They took to Facebook and wrote the following message:

“A lot has changed in the years that Honey Maid has been part of American families’ lives. More moms work and more dads stay at home. More kids are brought up by single parents, or their grandparents, or two dads, or two moms. But no matter how things change what makes a family a family never will.”

Right on Honey Maid.

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