Here’s a story that takes “shopping while black” to an entirely new level. Bronx native David Golson has filed a lawsuit against two store clerks who suspected him of stealing. Not only did the 7-Eleven clerks hold Golson against his will, but stripped him of his clothing in search of the “stolen” Snickers candy bar.

From Courthouse News:

Golson claims that on Oct. 20, 2012 he suffered a “violent, unprovoked and widely publicized assault by … three employees, who beat, stripped, bit and restrained plaintiff, accusing him of stealing goods while he screamed that he was innocent.”

The lawsuit states: “Despite his repeated requests to be released and his claims of innocence, defendants through its employees pulled, hit, bit and stripped plaintiff of almost all of his clothes with the exception of his underpants, shoes and socks.

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Golson claims to have suffered bruising, bite marks and physical pain during the attack.

He is seeking damages for assault and battery and negligence.

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