Surveillance footage taken minutes before unarmed 18 year-old Ramarley Graham was killed has been released.

The footage, from a camera mounted outside of his home, shows Graham walking into his building. Seconds later, police officers appear. Finding the door locked, they attempt to kick the door down. The NYPD did not secure a  warrant before taking such measures.

Shortly thereafter, Ramarley Graham would be dead.

From WPIX:

“The video is high-grade. Its clarity comparable to that of a professional system. The officers are clearly seen desperately trying to break into the house. The damage was evident once PIX11 stepped through the front door –the wood around the locks splintered.

It also shows the NYPD entering through the back and once inside, unlocking the front door. Two officers quickly head inside and the race to Graham is on.

Moments later, landlord Paulette Minzie heard, “boom, boom” while in her third floor bathroom. It was the sound of gunshots. The NYPD then went into her home, put a gun in her face, and searched her room for a gun. They found nothing.”


Check out the shocking video below:


Were the steps taken by these officers appropriate?

Will they face serious consequences for Graham’s death?

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