The use of undercover informants is a pretty common practice to nab hard criminals. What isn’t supposed to happen is the blatant framing of an innocent man.

The latter is exactly what happened to Donald Andrews Jr. in March. He runs a smoke shop in Scotia, New York. 

Watch the report here: 


Andrews, Jr. was charged with possession of cocaine, but authorities dropped the charges after he requested they review video footage from his shop.

Supporters are now demanding a second look at the case involving the informant. The video shows the informant take a photo of planted drugs on the counter as proof for detectives waiting outside.

Supporters want seven old cases involving the same informant to be reviewed. The unnamed informant faces perjury and possession charges. He is currently on the run.

Andrews Jr. is suing the NYPD.

Makes you wonder how many more innocent black men are behind bars.

We will keep you updated on the developments of this story.

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