The Tallahassee, FL, police department has placed officer Terry Mahan on paid administrative leave after a cell phone recording of him tasering 62-year-old Viola Young was released.

Young had approached the officer to inquire about a one of the men the officers were arresting. As Young turns to walk away, she is tasered in the back. Young was then taken into custody and subsequently released. The Tallahassee Police Department has launched an internal investigation.From RawStory:

“Based on the video, I have enough concerns to call for an internal investigation and have Officer Mahan put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” [Police Chief Michael] DeLeo told reporters. “We will conduct a thorough investigation into this incident. We want to be transparent with the community by sharing what we can at this point.”

“The investigation will determine if the officer’s actions were legal and if those actions were consistent with the expectations I have set for our officers in terms of how we respect and treat our citizens,” he added.

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Watch the video (contains graphic language):

Tallahassee defense attorney Chuck Hobbs wrote a letter to State Attorney Willie Meggs asking her to “strongly consider” filing charges against the police officer.

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