A group of young artists from Richmond, Ca. are speaking out about the impact that the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Israel Hernandez and others whose lives were tragically cut short.

Tired of being ignored, silenced, judged and criminalized, these youth decided to voice their thoughts on how they are viewed and treated in society. The young artists demonstrated courage to speak their minds, making the world see them for who they really are and not a stereotype.

Check out the video:


The artists who appear in the video are Kai Jewel$, Peeps, Young D, Black Geisha & Simply Nicole. They are part of the RYSE Center,”a program that emerged out of needs identified by local youth organizers after the tragic killing of four high school students in December 2000.”

More and more young people are speaking up for their rights.

Kudos to these brave young souls for tackling an issue that not only affects them, but future generations to come.