We’re getting to a point where police in America use fear as the primary tool to enforce the law. Some would likely argue that we’re already there.

Instances of police making civilians feel completely helpless are never easy to watch. The same goes for a video that appeared on Twitter showing a Washington D.C. officer pinning a young woman against a car with her feet dangling below her off of the ground. 

“We’ve been made aware of the video and contacted their commanding officer,” said Rachel Schaerr, a department spokeswoman, according to the Washington Post. She continued to say that D.C. police will “continue investigating this matter.”

“If they did anything wrong, they will be held accountable,” she added, speaking about the officers.

The video shows the officer let the woman down to the ground after his parents approaches and the three begin to have a mostly inaudible conversation. “Yes you did. I saw it,” the officer can be heard saying.

As of now, both the woman and the officers have yet to be identified, but an investigation is underway.

Watch the video of the incident below.