Video has surfaced of St. Paul, MN police allegedly tasering and arresting a man for “sitting while black.” In a video posted to YouTube, the entire interaction between the unidentified man, who is filming with his cell phone, and police officers takes place. 

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet:

From the following dialogue, it appears the police were called by a store clerk, who was upset over the man sitting in front of his store. The man in the video tells the officer he was sitting in front of the store for 10 minutes as he waited for          his kids to get out of school, and that the area is public and he had a right to sit there.

“The problem was —” the female officer begins.

“The problem is I’m black,” the man fires back. “It really is, because I’m not sitting there with a group of people. I’m sitting there by myself. By myself, not causing a problem.”

Eventually a second male officer approaches the man in the video and attempts to restrain him.

“I’ve got to go get my kids,” the man tells the second officer, pulling his arm away. “Please don’t touch me.”

“You’re going to go to jail then,” the second officer says.

“I’m not doing anything wrong,” the man replies.

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Watch the clip here (WARNING: contains disturbing content/graphic language:

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