Yolanda Spivey’s claim to fame came after she published her wildly popular article about being an unemployed black woman. Frustrated with constant rejection, she changed her name to Bianca White, as well as her profile picture and voicemail to make her sound more and appear to be a white woman.

From Financial Juneteenth:

Yolanda also says that she has been punished in corporate America for being an outspoken black woman.   She says that being strong in the workplace often led to her ending up in bad situations, and she was frustrated by this.  But the story has a happy ending.


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The experiment showed that as her “white self,” Yolanda was very popular among potential employers. The revelation led to several interviews with various media outlets about the experience. But now, Yolanda isn’t looking for employment. In fact, she’s created her own company, Michael Whitney and Associates, where she sells insurance.

In the following clip, Yolanda talks about the setbacks she’s experienced while searching for employment as a black woman. She also shares her testimony of going into business for herself and the level of success she has achieved.

Kudos to Yolanda for coming forward and exposing “silent” obstacle of well-practiced race discrimination in the workplace.

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