Jasiri X tells the story of Jordan Miles, the 18 year old honor student who was brutally beaten by 3 undercover Pittsburgh Police officers while walking to his grandmother’s house.

What was the reason police gave for such incredible brutality you ask? They said Jordan, had a Mountain Dew bottle in his coat that they thought was a weapon. They also said, the neighbor called and said a man was loitering around their property. Then they said, Jordan sustained his injuries because he fell on ice.

All three were lies. Jordan never had a Mountain Dew bottle, the neighbor testified in court she never called the police and a world renown forensic pathologist said Jordan’s many injuries could not have been caused by a simple fall.

CallĀ Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala at 412.350.4400 and demand he file charges against the 3 police officers who brutally beatĀ Jordan Miles.

“Jordan Miles” was mixed by Diezel and directed by Paradise Gray.