The GOP may have lost the presidential election earlier this month, but that doesn’t mean they’ll shut up about it.

Following Mitt Romney’s example of blaming everything but themselves for the loss, Ken Cuccinelle, the Attorney General of Virginia, is claiming–or at least in agreement with the suggestion–that President Obama stole the election:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) told a radio host he completely agreed with her assertion that investigations are needed to determine why President Obama lost “every one” of the states with photo identification requirements for voting, yet won re-election. Cuccinelli, who has lost most of the major legal cases he has brought since taking office in 2010, told the host she was “preaching to the choir.”

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Is this much ado about nothing?

Should we be concerned when elected officials and other powerful people claim that there were “issues” with the election or just keep it moving?

Are powerful white men just grumpy they lost?

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