As much of the world and the African diaspora has been enraptured by the World Cup, especially during the incredible run from Nigeria, it is only fitting that Wakanda makes its grand entrance into the tournament.

According to Movie Web, a Black Panther fan has designed uniforms for the fictional country of Wakanda, inspired both by the suit of the Panther and the armor of his sworn protectors, the Dora Milaje.

Mark Yesilevskiy’s sharp design leaves room for some to wonder why Marvel or Disney did not officially commission World Cup-inspired jerseys for its franchise, which grossed well over a billion dollars in its debut, knowing fans of the film still want to get their hands on more toys and memorabilia.

Check out the jerseys below!

Wakandan home kit inspired by Black Panther’s suit


Wakandan away kit inspired by the Dora Milaje’s uniforms in Black Panther