Lawsuits against the CTA were filed Tuesday over the Blue Line train derailment that injured more than 30 people.

Airport newstand employee Niakesha Thomas, 23, and airport security worker Dalila Jefferson, 23, filed suits claiming negligence on the part of the CTA. 

From Chicago Tribune:

Thomas’ lawsuit cites the possibility of conductor error, excessive rate of speed and/or a faulty brake system.

Thomas was nodding off in the third car when she felt herself being thrown forward and backward, said her attorney, Jerry Latherow. She was transferred to Resurrection Medical Center and was released later that day, but the single mother of a 1-year-old still suffers from lower back and hip injury, is receiving pain medication and cannot work, Latherow said.

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Jefferson was seated in the first car of the train and injured her neck and head, broke her foot and had to be extricated by the fire department before going to the hospital.

Both lawsuits are seeking a minimum of $50,000 in damages.

Watch video footage of the derailment below:

The conductor who was driving the train admitted to falling asleep during the incident. She is fully cooperating with investigators. The derailment is expected to cost an estimated $6 million in damages.

Investigators are evaluating the conductor’s work schedule and what she does on her time off. Should she be fired?

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