While many of us are still buzzing about Jay-Z’s 5-minute record promotion commercial that aired yesterday during the NBA Finals, clips of Lil Wayne stomping on an American flag have surfaced.

The video for Weezy’s track, “God Bless America” hasn’t been released yet, but we’re sure this clip will stir the waters of controversy:


The song itself, off of Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II,” features a brand of political criticism familiar to those who’ve listened to the rapper’s catalog: “My country, tis of thee / Sweet land of kill them all and let them die / So God bless America, this so Godless America.” (An earlier example of Wayne’s distaste for some aspects of American society is “Dontgetit,” a “Tha Carter III” track that features the rapper blasting sentencing rules, Al Sharpton and more.)


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Watch the video below:


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