Aug 1st – 7th


White supremacist principal running Bronx school with majority black and Latino students
Corinne Lestch, Daily News Writer, 8/1/11


The Racist Scourge
Roger Cohen, The New York Times , 8/1/11


Choosing Between an HBCU And a PWI
Ja’el Gordon, Huffington Post, 8/3/11


Strategic Plan for CHS Aims to Close Achievement Gap, Maintain Excellence
Mary Mann, Maplewood Patch, 8/2/11


No more excuses for black crime
Walter Palmer, Philly News, 8/2/11


The Upsurge of Black Youths in the Greater Toronto Area
Percy Konadu Yiadom, Ghana News, 8/3/11


Benefit numbers up, youth unemployment up – answers needed
Staff Writer, Scoop Independent News, 8/5/11


Black ‘Youth mob’ attacks in Milwaukee brings summer fun to a halt…
Staff Writer, TBM News, 8/6/11


The Politics of Emancipation
Selwyn Ryan, TE Newspaper, 8/7/11


New Orleans public school achievement gap is narrowing
Andrew Vancore , The Times Picayune, 8/7/11


Why Do Black Students Perform Poorly on Standardized Tests?
Britt Middleton, BET, 8/7/11