Sept 5th – 11th


City’s youth need outlets and discipline
Dominique Johnson, The Temple News, 9/5/11


Curfew and Gang Injunctions in Oakland Won’t Stop the Violence
; Resources for Community D
Staff Writer, Indy Bay, 9/5/11


Congressional Black Caucus declares war on White America
Dave Weinbaum, 9/6/11, Rolla Daily News


Why Don’t HBCU Alumni Give Back?
Bene Viera, News One, 9/7/11


Black Teacher Calls Student ‘White Boy’
Jenée Desmond-Harris, The Root, 9/8/11


Would single-sex academies in Wake be single-race too?
Bob Geary, Indy Weekly, 9/9/11


Oklahoma minority students score higher
Staff Writer, News Ok, 9/9/11


Organization forms to help students chase their dreams
Rachael Edwards, The Temple News, 9/10/11