Sunday night a two-hour Chris Brown commercial the BET Awards happened. Despite a comical performance from Kevin Hart, the most memorable moment of the show was the slip-up of the fan chosen to present the Viewers Choice Award. Rocsi and Terrance (there to provide moral support in what can be a nerve wracking moment), were worthless. Terrance, Captain Obvious, announced, in the middle of the awkward moment, “This is awkward.” No shit, Sherlock. That poor girl had her moment shitted on by BET’s continued incompetence.


And that wasn’t even the saddest moment of the show. The darkest moment of the show was the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist category. And the nominees were: Nicki Minaj (the eventual winner), Diamond, Cymphonique (Lil Romeo might’ve made more sense), and Lola Monroe (yeah).

No, you actually need more people.

Missy Elliot is rolling over in her grave.

Yes, female emcees are a rarity these days but when Lola Monroe is nominated for an award in a world where Jean Grae exists and actually creates music, my heart can’t help but get heavy. Yes, awards shows are based on consumer demand but we also have to realize that these shows shape consumer demand as well. Ok, so Nicki Minaj is the most prominent woman in hip-hop right now, by all means give her the award. But why not drive consumer demand by nominating lesser known female rappers who actually…. I don’t know….um….RAP?

Once again, BET produces a train wreck and manages to demean women in hip hop in one fell swoop. While the viewer’s choice award presentation was a mess, the┬áBest Female Hip-Hop Artist category was truly an awkward moment for BET and hip-hop.