News flash: The American people are not #winning. The near government shut down last Friday was filled with more drama than a Jersey Shore episode. Unfortunately the problems that arose from Congress were not as trivial as the ones that the orange people in the Garden State deal with. Although one night stands from Snookie or fights between J-Wow and Ronnie are quite entertaining, the fights between the Democrats and Republicans on the budget had me ready to fist pump someone in the face.  Although the stiff suits in Washington are all patting each other on the back for averting a crisis, the details of the $38 billion in federal spending cuts pumped out last week reveal that the savings are as much about fancy accounting as real bipartisan compromise.

Right now John Boehner and his cronies are making no sense to me at all. I’d rather listen to Lil’ B rap about being based and listen to Charlie Sheen talk about #bi-winning than listen to the hypocrisy emanating from the capitol. Charlie Sheen may be an over-glorified psychedelic tree climber, but at least he is consistent with his stances. When he was accused of being anti-Semitic for calling the creator of Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre, by his Hebrew name he stated: “I wanted to address the man, not the bullshit TV persona. So you’re telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez, I can claim they are anti-Latino?” Also, he stood his ground on his demands for increased compensation. After countless talking heads called his public demands outrageous, Sheen got the last laugh to the tune of $1.8 million an episode. Whether you like him or not he is a firm believer in himself and doesn’t just accept what is given to him. I believe both President Obama and our supposed leaders can learn a little bit from Mr. Sheen. At the very least, they learn that in order to #win you must be willing to stand your ground.

As it currently stands more than half of the cuts in the 2011 budget request are in education, health, and labor.

Where are the savings coming from?

$3.5 billion: Savings from unused spending authority from a program providing health care to children of lower-income families. $2.5 billion: Savings from the most recent renewal of highway programs that can’t be spent because of restrictions set by other legislation. $650 million: Savings from not repeating a one-time infusion into highway programs passed that same year. $350 million: Savings from cutting a one-year program enacted in 2009 for dairy farmers then suffering from low milk prices. $5 billion: Savings from capping payments from a fund awarding compensation to crime victims.


Poor and working class Americans are continuing to get shafted by liberals with no balls and conservatives with no hearts. I wished our elected officials would just become based like Lil B so we can win like Charlie Sheen.