In the past few weeks I have observed the occupy movement show up in more headlines, gain substantial attention, and impact crips and bloods alike who identify as the 99%. In light of this movement I am led to wonder why this moment has been chosen as the breaking point for so many who feel disenfranchised. Furthermore, I question what the basis of such a movement must be in order to create and sustain the momentum we are witnessing with the occupy movement. The foundation of the occupy political stance as I understand it is about exploitation of the everyday person and lack of accountability of the elite.

While I am not able to assert that the occupy movement is a political stance colored by race, it does remind me of a film I watched about racism in all its ugly forms. Below is a link to an excerpt of The Color of Fear where Victor passionatelyexplains his belief that in this present day every man is not enabled to stand on their own ground.


Two points that I want to reflect on are the idea that people of privilege (e.g. white people as pointed out in the film) are unaware of their relation to others and the notion that one’s privilege hinders the ambitions of another. I do believe people may not be inherently good but they are inherently human. Meaning that it is doubtful that those regarded as privileged or elite begin and end each day looking for a way to undermine, exploit, and oppress the masses. However, I also believe that if economic mobility is the end goal for any person then greed and exploitation is an inevitable by-product. Therefore, I do agree that it is possible for us to be aloof to ways in which we oppress others without being malicious.

More importantly, it is crucial for us to envision triumph even in the midst of political or economic adversity; that someone else’s negligence does not have to mean our downfall. More than any other time since the Grant Park announcement of Obama’s election I witness his campaign words hope and change demonstrated by the participants of the occupy movement. In a time where some may be disillusioned with the leader of our free world, it is evident that Obama’s campaign succeeded for more reasons than race. The 99% are eager for the manifestation of hope, and change and liberty. I am encouraged by such a push back against forces that threaten to stifle the growth of all people. Let us be sober minded and purposeful about out the vision for the fruits of the victory that we are not well intended but caught in wrong doing.