This aint a Jay Z, Kanye or “Watch the Throne” hate post. I’m listening to the album right now and it’s pretty good. But while we’re caught in the hype of 2 of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars coming together and all the #WTT tweets and reviews, it’s a lot more important stuff going on the world we need to be paying attention to, like:

Police Brutality
There have been a rash of police brutality cases in the last few weeks, many of which have unfortunately ended in the victims death. But since most of the victims are Black men there’s no media hysteria, congressional investigation or TV movie. A few days ago the epidemic reached London, where a 29 year old father named Mark Duggan was shot down by police in what they described as a gunfight. According to The Guardian, the initial ballistic test showed Mark didn’t fire the bullet that hit an officer, but that it was “police issue”. The evidence of injustice lead many in his community to take to the streets and demand justice for his murder. Good news is at least those cops in New Orleans where found guilty for the police murders in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The Downgrade
After the initial shock of the USA losing it AAA+ credit rating, and the laying of blame right at the feet of the Tea Party and GOP, some real world issues have begun to emerge. First, the stock market fell as a result of the bad news. Now there is speculation that interest rates could rise and the dollar could fall meaning we would have higher bills and have to use more of our money to pay them. For a country already in a recession awaiting good news, sorry to disappoint, because now they’re talking about the possibility of a second recession. With fewer and fewer jobs available this is going from bad to worse. Oh and we might wanna find out what mystery investor made a $1 billion bet that the US would suffer a downgrade and now stands to profit 1000%.

The Weather
Yeah we know it’s been hot all over the United States especially on the East Coast, but did you know that in July we broke 9,000 Heat Records? That’s right 9,000! According to reports, “July’s blistering heat wave either tied or set daily records in every state in the country“. In Texas the drought is so bad Governor Rick Perry, who recently hosted a  controversial prayer event, prayed for rain. But  the drought has gotten so bad that at least one Texas town is preparing to recycle urine into drinking water.

The Recalls

Wisconsin (where I shot my video American Workers vs. Multi-Billionaires) is ground zero for the increasing backlash to the Republicans slash and burn style of governing. Governor Scott Walker so badly misplayed his hand that six state Senate Republicans face recall elections on Tuesday. Even more telling is that Governor Walker and GOP budget poster boy Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan have been absent on the campaign stump. Walker has been labeled as “toxic” to the State Senator who blindly supported his dangerous policies. If the Democrats can sweep these Republicans out of office, we could see the beginning of a complete reversal of the GOP domination in the mid-term elections and the end of the Tea Party as we know it.