This January, Jasiri X is preparing the release of his latest mixtape “Rappers on X”, which features many of the collaborations X has done over that past year including tracks with Planet Asia, Brother J of X-Clan, Hasan Salaam, Mac Miller, Kam, Yung Bruh, NYOIL, Chen Lo, Ayatollah Jaxx, Futuristic, J Pinder, E.D.G.E., Ghosty, and Living Proofe.

According to Jasiri X, “I’ve done a lot of collabs with other great artists that some of my fans may not have heard so I thought if would be hot to put them all on one project.”

“Rappers on X” also includes exclusive new tracks from Rel!g!on the producer behind Jasiri X’s Wandering Worx Music debut, “Ascension”. “We wanted to give people a taste of what they should expect when “Ascension” drops which is high quality Hip-Hop.” says Jasiri.

To promote the mixtape Jasiri X dropped the freestyle “The Real Huey Newton” and his latest music video, the Rel!g!on produced banger “Jasiri Xtra“.

Directed by Paradise Gray “Jasiri Xtra” was shot on location in Times Square, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and Berlin Germany, plus performance scenes from SOBs in New York City, The Shelter in Detroit and Cafe Global and Radial System in Berlin.