Russell Schiller is the Howard University Student responsible for starting the #BlackWomenAreGorgeous social media campaign. This movement gained a lot of public support and saw Schiller receive a considerable amount of support himself. But then, after some digging, many found some of his old tweets problematic.

Schiller, a white man, was found to have used the n-word on multiple occasions on social media, even as recently as July of 2015. To no surprise, many saw a problem with this.

Here are some of the tweets that were called into question. (Warning: Some may find these offensive):

After the question of exactly how problematic Schiller’s use of the word was was debated at great length, he came out with a public apology, according to the Root.

Many still have questions about both Schiller and the way that he was placed under the spotlight for his campaign with his history of anti-Black language, but those will likely have to wait a while since the HU student appears to be on the tail end of his apology tour.

Photo Credit: Twitetr