The principal of Germantown High School in Memphis, Tennessee is in hot water today after announcing to his students the results of standardized state test scores, breaking them down by race and socioeconomic status.

The results made Black students appear “less smart” than their white counterparts, and many feel that the principal’s intention was to publicly blame Black students for pulling down the school’s average. After the results were shared, Black students reported being taunted by their classmates.

The principal, Ted Horrell, has since apologized, and says his intention was simply to be upfront with his students about their performance on the tests, and the ramifications of those results.

From WREG Memphis:

“Perhaps it didn’t benefit them, but I can tell you what the intent was, the intent was to say this was the published result of the Tennessee state report card. This is what people see when they look at the data in our schools. We as teachers are taking it on. We want you to be aware of it, and how we’re doing it. Perhaps sharing that data wasn’t the best way to communicate that to the students.”

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What do you think Principal Horrell’s intentions were in sharing the test results, broken down by race?

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