An Alabama teenager has been accused of plotting an attack on his high school, specifically targeting African American classmates.

17 year-old Derek Shrout, a self-described white supremacist, has been charged with attempted assault after hatching a plan that involved firearms and the use of homemade explosives.

Based on of the teens private journal, investigators say Shrout had been inspired by the Sandy Hook Shooting last month, and had specifically targeting six students (five of them Black) and one teacher.

From the Huffington Post:

His attorney, Jeremy Armstrong, declined to discuss specifics of the case, but he did say the publicity around the case so far was “blown a little out of proportion.”

“Our position is that our client had no intention to harm anybody,” he said.

A search of Shrout’s home found several small tobacco cans and two large cans, all with holes drilled in them and containing pellets. Taylor said all they needed were black powder and fuses to become explosives. The journal also allegedly mentioned using firearms. The sheriff said Shrout’s father owned a few household weapons, like a hunting rifle, a shotgun and a handgun.

“He just talks about some students, he specifically named six students and one faculty member and he talked about weapons and the amounts of ammunition for each weapon that he would use if he attacked the school,” Taylor said.


Shrout’s alleged plan was found out after a teacher stumbled upon his journal and alerted police.


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