Craig Cobb has no qualms about telling you his plans for the small North Dakota town he resides in: to make Leith an all-white residence. But now, the tables have turned since Cobb appeared on a popular daytime television show. When explaining his plans to make the town all white on “The Trisha Show,” Cobb agreed to take a DNA ancestry test.

The results revealed that Cobb was 86% white and 14% Sub-Saharan African. Now, Cobb “brothers” have turned on him.

From LA Times:

The local prosecutor says a fellow white supremacist had apparently targeted Cobb with racial graffiti after he’d found out that Cobb’s DNA results said he was part black. “The individual in question was interviewed, and when his interview answers weren’t matching up, he essentially admitted it,” Grant County Assistant State’s Atty. Todd Schwarz told the Los Angeles Times. “The one that tipped it off — he painted on the house, ‘BACK IN BLACK,’ and he’s not an AC/DC fan.”

Cobb had a “falling out” with the other supremacist once the news of Cobb’s ancestry broke. Authorities are looking into the investigation of the graffiti incident.

Cobb and another man Kynan Dutton were arrested for “terrorizing” the town over the weekend. They remain in jail after a judge denied them bond for fear of fleeing the town.

With Cobb being 14% black, it appears that the town of Leith will never be 100% white. Go figure. 

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