#TheWholeWorldIsWatching by Jasiri X

As the world becomes more politicized and more conscious about how those in power use and divide us, so goes popular culture in general. If you need verification check the New York Times recent article, “Social-Minded Hip-Hop Is Making a Comeback.” For those familiar with my music, I would argue its never left. 2011 was the year we began to see the tide shift, hell even Miley Cyrus got on the bandwagon. For me it felt good to be ahead of the curve so to speak, and to be acknowledged for songs I wrote and recorded to help raise awareness from “I Am Troy Davis” to “Occupy (We the 99)“.

I thought I’d start the New Year off right by finally releasing some new music to Occupy your ipod. #TheWholeWorldIsWatching is a compilation of most of the videos I put out in 2011, along with some gems I thought I’d throw in to make it complete. The first song “The HearAfter” produced by former Dr. Dre affiliate and Pittsburgh pioneer, the legendary Black Czar, is one of my favorites. It features a clip from an interview Master P did where he responded to my song “Free the Jena 6”. I actually wrote the song on the flight to New Orleans on my way to Jena, Louisiana for a rally to free Michael Bell and drop the charges against the Jena 6. I was also blessed to work with some of my favorite MCs for this project. Rhymefest, M-1 of Dead Prez, and Tahir Jahi are not only great lyricist, but they’re also great men, working not only to bring consciousness back to Hip-Hop, but also organizing in their respective communities for real change.

Production comes from some of the best beat makers in the game including my long time partner in trouble making Cynik Lethal, Cincinnati’s own Kreid, Drum Gang Productions who reached out to me on Twitter to make history, PMG from out west, and GM3, who gave my brother and mentor Paradise Gray a CD full of beats and told us to get busy. Plus my label mate Dain came through to remix Occupy with some Nola flavor. This is just the first in a string of releases I have coming in the next few months including my Wandering Worx debut “Ascension” produced by one of the fastest rising producers in the game, Rel!g!on. So enjoy but don’t get too full cause I got more courses coming.