So, I am writing a blog this morning about why black youth should submit videos for the Black Youth Project’s video contest, Democracy Remixed.

  • The first reason is that I know black youth got lots of things to say. My morning bus rides to school are never quiet because black youth are always talking “loudly” about some issue—“Girl, did you hear about what happened to so and so when he was walking home . . .” So, why not take that conversation and make a video blog about it?
  • The second reason is that $500 dollars can buy lots of school books  . . . but, it can also buy lots of clothes from GAP so that you can be fashionable as you think about how you’re going to change the world one day.

  • The third reason is that you have an opportunity to tell thousands of people how you feel about a topic. Just think of the video contest as your TV acting premiere perhaps the steps toward winning your first Oscar.
  • The  fourth reason why you should submit a video is that it can be about anything you want to talk about . . . politics . . . sex . . . popular culture . . . rap . . .  the lack of after school jobs . . . etc.
  • The fifth reason why you should submit a 3 min video is that it can be performed as a dance, a rap, a spoken word piece, an interview, a straight video blog, a creative PowerPoint video . . . you have limitless possibilities.
  • The sixth reason is that we can all use some spare change because times are hard out here and from what I read in the newspaper there are not many afterschool jobs for black youth to apply for . . . so why not enter the contest and win some free money.
  • The seventh reason is . . . Aren’t you tired of being seen in the media as the problem—“Black youth are savages look what they did to Derrion Albert . . . Black girls are just so fast look they are having babies and have not finished high school . . . Black boys are just violent criminals”? Why not make a video about how fucked up it is to be seen as the damn problem? Why not make a video about how poverty and other larger structures like capitalism, patriarchy, heteronormativity, and racism are the problems.

Hope to see your video submission soon! For information click the link below: