With the growing popularity and relevance of social media, it’s no surprise that parents are taking to the outlet to teach their kids a lesson.

The practice is called public shaming, and a North Carolina wife has now turned to the avenue.

When Sonya Gore found out that her husband Ivan Lewis had an affair, she had him publicly admit to the act of Facebook. 

From Newsone:

 Lewis posted a photo of a hand-written note on his page that reads, “I Cheated On My Wife!!! (and she was ugly!!!).” But Gore told NewsOne that she was the author of the note, not Lewis. In fact, she says she was with him at his computer when he posted the admission on his page. “I wrote the post out myself,” she said. “Before he posted the post up, he asked me to marry him again on Facebook and I’m like ‘Well, if you want to put that on Facebook then you need to say that you cheated and put that on Facebook.’”

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Gore says she made Lewis post the note so he could feel the same level of humiliation she felt once discovering his infidelity.

Lewis was not available for comment, but his Facebook timeline expressed regret for his indiscretions.

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