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Each year, almost 1.5 million teens are arrested in America.

Many of them are low-income. Compared to a decade ago, fewer teens ended up in jail due to cost-saving measures. 

In their latest investigation, Double Charged: The True Cost of Juvenile Justice, Youth Radio sought out to answer this question: What impact do those measures have on minors and their families? The yearlong investigation took a close look at two new trends — teen GPS ankle monitoring and holding parents accountable for their children’s incarceration and probation.

Watch 16-year-old Manuel Valazquez share the experience of a day in court, waiting to see if he’ll get his GPS monitor removed.

Youth Radio is an award-winning media production company that trains young, diverse people in digital media and technology. Under the guidance of industry pros, students learn to produce marketable media for massive audiences while bringing youth perspectives to issues of public concern.

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