An Albuquerque woman has filed a lawsuit against Planet Fitness for barring her from entering the gym.

The reason? Her head covering that she wears as part of her Muslim faith. 

From Albuquerque Journal News:

Tarainia McDaniel alleges in a lawsuit filed by her attorney, Rachel Higgins, that she explained the requirements of her religion but was told only that she could wear a baseball cap.

Planet Fitness attorney Erika Anderson said, “My client’s position is that they didn’t know the head covering was for religious purposes. It violated their dress code policy.” She said she could not comment further on pending litigation.

The case is scheduled for an August bench trial before District Judge Beatrice Brickhouse.

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According to her lawsuit, McDaniel joined Planet Fitness on a two-year contract and typically went to the Coors location. When the gym in Irving opened, she started going there because it was closer to home.

Once denied entry after explaining the significance of her head cover to the staff, McDaniel tried to cancel her membership, but was told to go to the Coors location and pay and cancellation fee.

The incident took place in 2011.  Planet Fitness has a no judgement policy.

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