A Houston woman has lost her job after friends on Facebook notified her employer of a racist comment she made about the events happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

The woman, whose name has not been released, worked at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. 

From KHOU:

She wrote, “The police need to just start mowing them down with machine guns, purge them,” on her personal Facebook page.

“Very racist,” said one man, who didn’t want to be identified. “I was highly offended.”

This man saw the woman’s post online, and he looked into it further. “It shouldn’t be tolerated when you’re a professional,” said the man. “A hospital is a place where you’re supposed to have compassion upon people of all races.”

That controversial post on Facebook was never truly private. Nothing on Facebook really is. Within hours, it had been shared multiple times, and it wasn’t long before Memorial Hermann found out about it too. They took swift action.

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The woman was laid off and the hospital responded to the decision with the following tweet:

“a non nurse employee posted an offensive comment. MH absolutely disagrees with that post. We have a 107 year history of serving everyone. The individual is no longer an employee of Memorial Hermann.”

The woman’s post has since been removed from her Facebook account.

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