A Fargo, ND. woman has vowed to combat childhood obesity this Halloween by handing out “fat letters” in place of candy to trick or treaters.

Each child who she feels is “moderately obese” will receive a letter to take home to their parents in hopes of getting them on the right track.

From Valley News Live:

“I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight… I think it’s just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just ’cause all the other kids are doing it,” says the author in a Y-94 morning radio interview. That’s where the letter first surfaced and started to spread through social media. “They were chatting today and got a call from Cheryl out of the blue who really wanted to voice her opinion about obesity and that it really takes an entire community to solve the obesity challenge,” says Y-94 Program and Music Director JT.

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The author of the letter says that she’s “contributing to their health problems and really, their kids are everybody’s kids” by handing candy out to children who are overweight.


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