A Hartford, Connecticut mother is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in the head during a shooting.

Just three hours after being struck, Candace Strickland was already posting to social media.

From NBC:

“God was truly with me & by my side!!!! Please keep praying for me. I can’t stop cryingggg,” 30-year-old Candace Strickland, of Hartford, posted on Facebook hours after police say she was shot in the head and arm.

According to authorities, the shooting happened on Adams Street just off of Albany Avenue on Sunday evening. Police said they don’t believe she was the intended target.

“She’s a very good person. She’s a mom,” said a neighbor who’s known Strickland for years.

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The neighbor rushed to the scene after hearing Strickland was shot. Miraculously, doctors say Strickland is expected to make a full recovery despite having a bullet lodged in her brain.

She remains hospitalized at St. Francis Medical Center and police say Strickland was not the intended target.


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