Diane Harris is $600,000 richer after a court ruling that a Detroit casino practiced workplace discrimination against the beverage supervisor.

Harris worked at Greektown Casino for ten years, and when a manager’s position became available she applied.

From My Fox Detroit:

For almost six months, she says she stepped in and took on the manager’s duties and interviewed for the job. She figured the promotion was a done deal, until she found out the job went to someone else. “They promoted this younger, female Caucasian employee above my client, and then they made my client train her,” says Ray Guzall, Harris’ attorney. “The person could not do the job; that person got terminated,” explains Harris.

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Instead of appointing the position to Harris, the casino hired another young white employee for the management position who Harris was also told to train. The second manager was also let go, as she did not have the level of experience Harris had.

Harris was fired after filing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint in February. She urges any employee who is being treated unfairly to speak up.

Congratulations to Ms. Harris on her award.

Too many times women and people of color are overlooked for well-earned positions.

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