The George Zimmerman verdict shook the black population, striking a massive blow to our hope. It also sparked activism in our communities in protest of the ruling.

Ciara Allen and Anique Hameed are the masterminds behind “The Mountaintop,” a project that seeks to empower young black men and women to speak out against America’s biased justice system.

From The Mountaintop:

The Mountaintop project was developed in response to the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial. Students from Howard University and young adults from Washington, D.C. community came out to support aspiring filmmakers and photographers by speaking out on camera about the injustice that occurred the night Trayvon Martin was murdered. With cameras flashing and lenses zooming in, the artists were able to capture feelings of anguish and  urgency  in the youth who could have easily been Trayvon Martin.

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The initiative spreads awareness about issues impacting African Americans through the use of creative and artistic tools, and most importantly, the faces, thoughts and voices of young black America.

More and more young people are speaking up in opposition of oppression that our people are facing.

This sense of empowerment and action is just what our community needs in order to not just spark change, but execute it.

Kudos to Ciara Allen, Anique Hameed and other young black activists for being the change that we need.


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