NFL football star Colin Kaapernick is one of the few professional athlete that does not don a three piece suit during post-game press conferences. Instead, he rocks casual wear designed by 13-year-old Jeremiah Jones. 

From The Postgame:

“It was massive,” Jeremiah Jones, the teenager behind the company JYoungin, tells ThePostGame. “I was blown away. It was a miracle.” Jones was watching the 49ers game with family Sunday when his sister noticed Kaepernick wearing one of Jones’ signature vests at his postgame press conference. They rewinded the TV and sure enough, Kaepernick had on the JY Collection Vest.

Upon seeing his vest on his favorite player, Jeremiah called his father and business partner, Ed. “He just started screaming,” Jeremiah says of his father’s reaction. “I was speechless at that point.”

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A huge fan of the San Franscisco 49ers, Jones noticed that Kaepernick’s birthday was in November like his. He sent the star a birthday package that included a vest from his line along with a Positive Achiever Award. He normally hands out the award to classmates who’ve made the honor roll or scored perfect attendance.

He had no idea that Kaepernick had received the package, let alone would be rocking his line.

Jones started the JYoungin line five years ago at age 8. He runs and operates the business, which is located in Long Beach, California. He also oversees the businesses online presence, which has more than 27,000 followers on Twitter and takes orders at JYoungin.com.

Congratulations to Jeremiah Jones on being a young entrepreneur!

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