Young Thug made headlines last week when he was recorded on video calling two black women working at an airport “peasants,” “ants,” and “African-looking.”

Thug has apparently arrived late to his flight and tried to offer the employees $15,000 to quit their jobs. After the women said no, they informed the Jeffrey rapper that they’d called their manager. As time went on, Thug went on to taunt the women. 

“These two ants are so rude,” he said. “Look — these two ants are so rude, they’re peasants! They’re saying their manager is on the way. I don’t want to talk to the manager. Y’all are ants. Your manager is a peasant. And y’all are ants.”

“Their hair nappy as a motherf**ker,” he lated added, to make matters worse.

This dark moment came with a noticeable amount of backlash for Thug, especially from black women who understandably felt that his comments were an attack on all of them.

It also came as a surprise given the praise Atlanta rapper for his past comments on fighting the concept of gender. He later went on to wear a dress on the cover of his latest album to further prove that point.

After a few days of criticism, Young Thug took to his Instagram to reveal that his mother forced him to apologize to the airport employees.

Do you accept Thug’s apology?