Jigsaw Productions is seeking high school seniors for their upcoming documentary, “Senior Year.” The film will tell the unique story of high school seniors from all over the country and from all walks of life.

From Mystic Art Pictures:

The students chosen will be flown to New York City for a weekend to study documentary filmmaking from Emmy and Oscar-winning mentors.  After their trip, the students will be sent home with their own camera equipment to film their own documentary of their last 6 months of high school.  

This series gives the students the opportunity to share their unique stories with the world.  We want this show to inspire others by showing a self-portrait of what life in America is like today for high school seniors who are on the cusp of that pivotal moment in their life where they transition from child to adult.

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Jigsaw won four Emmy Awards this year for its work with HBO and Showtime. The company’s latest film, “The Armstrong Life,” follows cyclist Lance Armstrong.

All interested parties who can commit to filming themselves and the world around them are encouraged to go to and click “Senior Year” to apply.