For those that supported the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial, and believed that Zimmerman was completely in good intention of protecting the neighborhood, honestly, how do you feel NOW? I mean after threatening his wife, the B37 juror putting all to shame, and now this latest antic that Zimmerman has pulled from under his sleeve, how does it feel to know that maybe, just MAYBE you supported the wrong guy?


The fire has not died but came to a simmer as many have felt the imbalanced scale of the justice system weigh heavy on the victims, providing light sentences, if any for the actual criminals. Too many instances came and went where minorities, majority of them Black were victimized and prosecuted wrongly within a fixed justice system.


Nowadays murderers have the ability to become as famous as actual celebrities who moreso have a talent that does not involve killing people. But this is America, the land of “opportunity.” You can be ANYTHING (but certain biases may apply)! Create a stir by doing something racially controversial, claim the intent to do good (of course do NOT and I mean do NOT be Black) and you can find yourself like Zimmerman, selling artwork depicting your victim and be able to qualify as a “celebrity” for a fighting match, because being a racist prick that was strung out on prescription medicine ultimately leading to the death of an innocent youth gives you a one way ticket to STARDOM!

I recently breezed through shares of articles stating George Zimmerman wanting to fight Kanye West, who does NOT need to get into a physical altercation with another racist prick. Rapper, The Game proposed a fight with the Zimmerman who I recently seen him in an interview with Power 105, the Breakfast Club, discussing his many physical altercations that he easily won. Of course, I’m not surprised that Zimmerman has yet to respond. And now it has been decided that rapper, DMX has been picked to join the ring.


I believe there is a point where what’s usually considered entertainment can easily become a situation in which onlookers are participants in violence by condoning it. Using the boxing ring as a way to satisfy a blood thirty criminal eager to do harm to others, who doesn’t feel any shame or remorse for what he does.


I understand people’s disdain for Zimmerman. I mean, he got away with murder and proved that America’s justice system is fatally flawed, and of course bias. But why waste time giving this excuse of a man anymore airtime? His fifteen minutes of so-called fame should’ve been fifteen years to life in prison. The antics and the desperation to be important makes supporting the ass kicking of Zimmerman futile. Why engage in such a situation that may only further depict Blacks as a violent group of people? I believe certain battles should be picked and this is not one of them. Eventually karma will come for Zimmerman, but not on his time or the contract he may have signed.


Show Zimmerman how unimportant he is by completely disregarding his existence. Allowing this man to live a life where his justified behavior will ultimately lead him down a life of shame is only right. If this fight should happen, and if it SHOULD air on television, you won’t find me anywhere near a screen or a social media site. Because I support Trayvon Martin enough to not be a part of a disgrace.


If you truly oppose the verdict and do not condone in violence or George Zimmerman’s violent behavior, click here to sign the petition.